Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why would I want to use OnCouarge?
OnCourage is designed to make things run a little easier and smoother for you so that your primary focus can be on recovery. The site is not intended to remove the portion of personal contact through phone or in-person contact, which we know is invaluable. It is to help disseminate the information quickly, and consistently and to receive real-time encouragement. We see it as a supportive tool.

Why would I not just use Facebook group or email to update my family and friends?
Emails and Facebook groups are amazing ways to communicate, especially with loved ones that live far away. This platform takes these types of communications and simplifies them, by way of gathering all the resources into one site. This platform also allows for more personalization and gives you the option to receive a memory book of your experience on the OnCourage site.

What does the name OnCourage mean?
"On", is a French word meaning "We". It is pronounced like OWN but without the "n" sound. OnCourage means - "We give you courage". We are a Quebec based charity, so the playful use of the word We seemed like a fun idea.

Why are there costs?
This website is part of a charity, called West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, which supports those living with cancer. The website development and maintenance are very expensive and therefore these costs help to offset the site's development and the costs of the products. ALL donations go directly into the operations of the charity.

Why do I have to decide if I am to keep the site active or remove it?
Deactivating the site helps reduce the space in our Cloud. We know that it is not easy to deactivate a site like this, so we have given you two options. 1. To keep it going by contributing a small Administration fee or 2. To purchase a Memory Book.

Is OnCourage only for people experiencing cancer?
No, but it was originally designed for those experiencing cancer since this is the clientele associated to the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. Anyone can use this site, the only limitations in doing so, are found in the resources section, which is only cancer-related.

I live outside of Quebec; can I still use the site?
Yes, definitely. The site is Cloud-based and if you choose to purchase from the site, it is accessible anywhere.

Do I receive a tax receipt?
No, you will not receive a tax receipt for the administration charge,  but you will receive one if you donate to the Centre. A tax receipt will automatically be sent to your email inbox upon payment.

How long can I keep the site active?
You will automatically receive 12 months access with your payment.